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Spring Time in Patagonia

Spring Time in Patagonia


World Wide Wooly's

An Homage to what works.

The woolly bugger

Rivers run high and the pools deep. In iconic streams like Chile’s Simpson River where Los Torreones Lodge is located many sections offer deep undercut banks. Kilometers of underwater structure from fallen “Coigue” logs left by the great fire of the 1930's offers splendid habitats for large and territorial browns.

For many, The Wooly bugger generates controversy similar to the debate surrounding the Imperial vs. Metric measurement systems.

Inch or centimeter? Pound or kilo? Mile or Kilometer?

So, for those of you who hate Wooly Buggers: Stop here!

Whatever tips your scale it really doesn't matter. Why?

The resident browns and rainbows have no ongoing debate, and seem to agree. They love em! In Patagonia we like what works.

If you strip well and have a good assortment of “Wooly’s” size 6-8, you'll do fine on your next trip to Patagonia.

Two must have Recommendations:

Gold beaded Wooly Bugger  (Black, White, and Olive)

Bead Headed Flash a Bugger (Brown, Green, Olive)

Where to buy? In Colorado a great place is Trout’s.

The 2016/2017 season is off to a huge start and bookings are coming in every week. It's going to be a fantastic year on the rivers. Come join us, we saved a spot for you.