When planning a fly-fishing trip most of us obsess over our equipment and logistics. Rods, six weight, five weight? Do I bring the a seven weight? Lines, flies, tippets, the latest Fish Pond bag or accessory, rain gear, goop and bi-focals, schedules and sunscreen.

But when it comes to planning a fly-fishing trip to Patagonia in Chile there is an additional consideration. Perhaps more of an anticipation. A sort of “When in Rome” homage to the national drink: Pisco Sour and Dionysian fame of Chilean wine.

Most Lodges serve Chilean wines to their guests but many are developing a sensitive and comprehensive feel to which wines go well with robust authentic Patagonia cuisine.

Drawing from the attached list Montes Alpha, Veramonte, Viña Ventisquiero and Errazuriz, Max Reserva Cabernet, match wonderfully with Patagonia evening meals. Frequently a bottle is opened in front of the fireplace, with locally produced cheese, post hatch to recount the day and watch the late evening sunsets.

Some good wines:



Even a slow day on the river will feel cathartic with a Pisco Sour at days end. Chile and Peru compete for the provenance of Pisco Sour. If you’ve never had Pisco, it is a clear brandy and when combined with Chilean lemons or “limon de pica” and some sugar produces an enlivened drink that improves both your mood if not you’re Spanish!

There are nuanced differences and great debate as to how each country's Pisco Sours are prepared. Here is a secret family recipe or you to take home after your trip to Patagonia.

It will bring back memories, if not your tippet with, the “one that got away”! Enjoy :)



  • In a shaker with crushed ice add the sugar, followed by Pisco and lemon juice
  • Shake vigorously until sugar dissolves
  • Taste, and adjust sugar to taste
  • Serve in chilled cocktail glasses


Philip Cary

Co-Owner Los Torreones Lodge

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