Diego Salas grew up fly fishing in Patagonia. When your dad is one of the early legendary pioneers who opened up Chilean fly fishing to the larger world and runs Los Torreones Lodge, it's easy to understand the family love affair with Patagonia.


1.   What two tips would you share with an angler who is considering fly fishing in Patagonia?

Don't worry about the wind! It will always be around and in fact can be used in our favor. Secondly, you want to be well prepared with gear and clothing for different types of weather on any given day.

2.   What does fly fishing mean to you?

Fly Fishing for me is the best thing that could ever have happened to me. It makes me feel grateful. It's a way of seeing life differently.

3.   How does it make you feel when your client lands a big brown?

When a client lands a big brown? Well happy! Feliz!!!  Nothing better than a big fish you work together to get. Happy client, happy Guide!

4.   When you first step up to a big river in Patagonia what to you look for?

When I first see the river, I read the water so we can understand the conditions that day. The way the river flows, behaves.  A lifetime of experience comes into play. Once you get that, you can plan the way you going to fish and what fly are you going to use (according to skills and physical condition) All this so you can make the best of it and enjoy.

5.    How do you fish differently now from ten years ago?

Ten years ago I just wanted to run and cover as much water as I possibly could. Now I take my time. The river isn´t going anywhere…. and yet moves constantly. I can spend all day working to catch a special fish in a special hole. And if I don´t get him, well even better! I have a mission for the next time!

6.What one word comes to mind when you think “Fly Fishing in Patagonia”

“Fishing in one word?...Hmmmmm….MAGIC!

At least fishing in Patagonia…..oops sorry that´s four words!”