Chile Checklist Travel Tips: The Three “P's”

Even with all the online tools at our disposal preparing for a major trip can be stressful. If you are beginning to think about your upcoming fly fishing trip to Patagonia in Chile the following three tips might come in handy and save headache.


When and where will you be going? Springtime? Summer or fall? Weather can vary and an extra warm shirt in late fall can be a comfort. You can count on some rain so make sure you have a good shell. 

Banking: Does your bank require notification when you travel abroad?

Equipment check: Are your rods and reels REALLY where you think they are?  Double-check and ask the lodge for their recommendation on weight. At Los Torreones, you can fish a 6wt on most of the water, but a discerning fisherman might want to pack a 5wt for wading streams and a 7wt to get after the bigger trophy trout.  

Cash: Guides appreciate tips and it is always helpful to have a little “extra” for an emergency. Many times the connections of ATM teller machines can be down for 24 hours.


Check your passport! Is it up to date? Passports with less than 6 months before expiration date should be renewed prior to trip.Travel Insurance: A must! And it's not expensive.

It’s smart to keep a copy of your credit cards and passport and leave them in a safe place at home in the event of theft. Emergency credit card: some people keep an emergency card separate from their wallet in a safe place when traveling. A real lifesaver when a mishap occurs en route to destination and they arrive without their wallet or bag. Think about packing your flies in two separate bags or even hand carrying some. Lost luggage can take precious days to find and get delivered. It rarely happens, but just like squirrels don't hide all their nuts in one place it's a good idea to distribute the risk. 

In the words of Carl Jung: ‘The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.’

Embrace the joy of being in Patagonia! Savor the food; sip matte with your gaucho guide! Try out some Spanish words and above all cast like a maniac…If it rains one day be Zorba the Greek and dance, while floating the Simpson, casting to those deep banks and lovely browns.

Patagonia is a celebration of spirit and imagination. Come play with us this season.