Viajes de Empresa para Ejecutivos

Viajes de Empresa para Ejecutivos

Los Torreones Lodge es una elección única para retiros y viajes de negocios de nivel ejecutivo, programas de incentivo y desarrollo de trabajo en equipo.

Announcing our Corporate Retreat Program!

Announcing our Corporate Retreat Program!

Patagonia offers the ideal retreat setting for your executive team or key clients to embrace privacy, perspective and planning. Fly fishing and horseback riding on a private ranch punctuate corporate purpose like nothing else! Call us to arrange a tailor made experience for you and your team.


How to Choose a Great Lodge in Patagonia

How to Choose a Great Lodge in Patagonia

When planning your trip to Patagonia it's prudent to consider a few things before picking the perfect fly fishing lodge for your adventure in Chile. 

  1. Companionship
  2. Location
  3. A Fireplace with Appetizers
  4. Great Food
  5. Better Stories
  6. Song and Music
  7. Professional Coaching and Guiding
  8. Magic

Go Fish!

Go Fish!

“Go Fish” was for the briefest moment, your chance to even the score with the world, the opportunity to smash your opponent, win the game: be glorious, drink the remaining hot chocolate, and transform the sofa into a trampoline. A sort of les jeux sont faits enthusiastic confidence that the cards will be in synch with your intentions.

Practicing Patience in Patagonia

Practicing Patience in Patagonia

5 ways to Practice Patience in Patagonia

You've flown a long way, settled into the lodge and are itchin’ to get down to the water. Conditions look good. Not too much sun. Light wind. Gear is all checked out. You haven't lost or broken anything yet.

So you rush out , scramble down the bank, and rush out into the the Big Run for the just so perfect cast into the sweet spot at the head of the pool.

You spook the  cows over in the next county.

Who hasn't done this? Shake head with chagrin. Raise your hand.

One of the blessings of getting older, with more miles/kilometers under your waders, and time  alone on the water; is the appreciation of of the cadence, rhythm and timing inherent to fly fishing.

The need to rush is a figment of your Fly’s imagination. Your appetite not the trout’s

The virtue of patience provides its own reward.

And though its origins arose from the poetry of the 14th century, of a man in search of faith; the essential truth  remains true, flowing through us; as we cast a hatch in search of something  equally elusive.

Five  ways that help with the practice of patience in Patagonia (or pretty much anywhere) when “walking to your spot.”

1.    Mindful breathing.

2.     Focus. Take a few moments to look at the wáter before beginning.

3.     Look. Look up and behind. Who hasn't caught the willow  or  The Guide on his first cast and spent next thirty minutes in Snafuclustermuck?

4.     Touch. Touch the water. Turn over a rock. Open the senses to discovery.

5.     Listen. Wind, current, signs of hatch, waterfowl: all inform and whisper.

6.     Look Again. Just look, at first outward then if you can, inward.


You'll be surprised what you see hatching.


Spring Time in Patagonia

Spring Time in Patagonia


World Wide Wooly's

An Homage to what works.

The woolly bugger

Rivers run high and the pools deep. In iconic streams like Chile’s Simpson River where Los Torreones Lodge is located many sections offer deep undercut banks. Kilometers of underwater structure from fallen “Coigue” logs left by the great fire of the 1930's offers splendid habitats for large and territorial browns.

For many, The Wooly bugger generates controversy similar to the debate surrounding the Imperial vs. Metric measurement systems.

Inch or centimeter? Pound or kilo? Mile or Kilometer?

So, for those of you who hate Wooly Buggers: Stop here!

Whatever tips your scale it really doesn't matter. Why?

The resident browns and rainbows have no ongoing debate, and seem to agree. They love em! In Patagonia we like what works.

If you strip well and have a good assortment of “Wooly’s” size 6-8, you'll do fine on your next trip to Patagonia.

Two must have Recommendations:

Gold beaded Wooly Bugger  (Black, White, and Olive)

Bead Headed Flash a Bugger (Brown, Green, Olive)

Where to buy? In Colorado a great place is Trout’s.

The 2016/2017 season is off to a huge start and bookings are coming in every week. It's going to be a fantastic year on the rivers. Come join us, we saved a spot for you. 



Fly Fishing Adventure in Patagonia-Chile

Along the western coastal bays and spectacular fjords of the Chilean Andes, numerous rivers run to the sea. The Aysen River and its extensive watershed flow majestically into the Pacific at the port of Chacabuco. Adventure begins here.

The Coyhaique-Aysen region is internationally known for fly-fishing.  Anglers come from around the world from October to late May to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

If you are a beginner or have wanted to learn to fly fish this is a fabulous opportunity. A perfect activity for couples, a time to make new friends, or go solo. The people living in Patagonia are warm and guides at lodges like Los Torreones Lodge are experienced, patient, and passionate. They love what they do and wish to share the beauty of Patagonia and joy of fly-fishing with one and all.

There is always a packing list.  Usually we focus on 'things'. Stuff.  What we bring back from our trips and adventures though, isn´t material, or tangible. Memories and feelings seem to make it into the carry on luggage back home.

Here´s my emotional packing list to help make sure we keep in perspective our gear and the reasons we are mid stream in the first place.

Emotional Packing List:

Humor.  Hook yourself or your dog? Fall into or out of the boat? Bring lunch but forget the plates? Drive off and leave your gear and one of your buddies behind? Catch a bat in mid cast?... Amos and Andy wouldn't have been able to top what happens spontaneously on a God trip… Be prepared for a good 'hoot and an howl'.

Patience. You can run out of goop but the angler who runs out of patience is no longer fishing. He´s complaining on some level. Unpleasant for companions and I've noticed the fish don´t seem to care when I've lost it.

Flexibility. Yeah you need it to get over, or under barb wire fences occasionally.  Or scramble onto log structure at the edge of a must cast into pool. But more than that I find with I bend and relax my inner flow mirrors, the river and my sense of self can merge with the stream, wind, floating line and whispering willows. 

Passion. You define it. It's yours. Personal up close. Never, ever , EVER forget to honor it.