Norman Maclean said it best:

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world’s great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs. I am haunted by waters.”

― Norman Maclean

Evening Hatch Chile, Patagonia

We get it.

We are haunted by waters too at Los Torreones Lodge!

There is a lot of water in Patagonia, Rivers filled with Browns and Rainbows. A typical 7 night /six day trip package allows for getting acquainted with, and enchanted by, some of Patagonia´s emblematic waters.

Catch and Release Wild Browns in Chile

Los Torreones Lodge has the advantage of being surrounded by many of the regions key rivers, lakes and watersheds.

You won´t spend an inordinate amount of time in cars moving each day to find good wáter. You are surrounded by the finest fly fishing water in the world!

Not only does the Simpson River run immeditaly in front of the Lodge;we are blessed to be located at the heart of the “Best Fishing in Chile/Patagonia.

Emblematic rivers like The Simpson, the Manihuales, Emperado Guillermo, Rio Nirehuao, the Cisnes and more, allow the angler to explore fresh wáter and adventure each day of his stay.

Secret spring creeks, hidden Lakes, and off the grid, remote access fishing, expand the opportunites to enjoy Patagonia at its finest.

The Simpson River is simply magic. On the river dry flies are used from mid December to Mid March. Streamers and Wooly Buggers are effective during the entire season. Teasing out the rivers´ secrets and frequent hatches with tiny drys and nymphs is a fascinating daily adventure.

Experienced Bi-Lingual Guides

We float the Simpson from the Lodge or at a put in a short distance away.

Floating the Simpson is a full day Bucket List experience. You live and breathe the Patagonia life of adventure, privacy, and companionship.

Wading And Floating. You Choose.

Browns and Rainbows average 16-20 inches. And yes, there are many, smart “Big Boys” waiting to test your skills.

Simpson River in light rain.

Rivers we Fish:

  • Nirehuao: The Rio Nirehuao, is famous for its unbeleivable hopper fishing. Our guides have literally grown up on the river as children. Only the abundant 20+ inch browns know the river better!
  • Rio Mañihuales: We float the Rio Manihuales, arguably one of the most beautiful scenic rivers in the Southern Hemisphere. Many, large and selective trout reside in the Manihuales. The Lodge is located close by to our put in on the river: no long drives to enjoy this marvelous float!
  • Rio Emperador Guillermo: One of those “secrets” that never ceases to surprise. The runs and riffels and undercut banks are accesible via wading. A true delight.
  • Spring Creeks: Secret spring creeks, some requiring four Wheel drive adventure, and are way, way off the grid near the Argentine Border can´t be beat for excitement and explosive action.
  • Cerro Castillo: A series of “footprint” type lakes speckle the landscape around Cerro Castillo and are home to big trophy trout.